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The Importance of Finding the Right Editor
Many people come to me, wary and sometimes angry. They've spent a lot of money on an editor and didn't get what they needed.

A lot of the "blame" for this can be laid on you, the author. It's important—pivotal—to let the editor know what you want done. Any reputable editor will offer a free sample edit. Some do a page, some do a chapter; that doesn't matter. What's important is for you, in the notes and comments made by that editor, to determine whether this will help your story. Do you understand what the editor is saying? Do you feel a rapport with the editor?

The relationship with the editor is relatively long-term—a matter of weeks or even months. You need to understand each other, be able to discuss problems, be flexible. But—and I cannot stress this enough—if you, as author, don't feel that connection from the outset, and before handing over any money, find another editor. Be honest with the editor, tell him/her "Look, this isn't working for me." A reputable, experienced editor will understand this. Some will even offer names of other editors.

Why not ask for several sample edits? Compare what the editors say. See how each relates to your individual situation. We choose plumbers, contractors, stores in this way—be as selective with your potential editor.

In the event you aren't sure what you story needs, request a manuscript assessment rather than an edit. As assessment is just what it says, a commentary on the good and bad points of your story. You've spent months or maybe years working on your 'baby.' You need someone to help it be the best it can be.

Remember, an editor isn't there to rewrite your story—that's the job of a ghostwriter. An editor gives you ideas and examples to help not only your story, but you as an author to be the best you can be.

Do you want:

  • A one on one relationship with your editor
  • Reasonable rates
  • Fast turnaround
  • Practical advice
  • Free sample critique
  • Complete privacy
  • Free estimates

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The Morgan Diaries web site


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your editor (if she's Cindy) on
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What I can do for you:

  • Proofreading—Are you ready to submit your manuscript to publishers and agents? Need a little fine tuning? More?
  • Manuscript development—Are you stuck halfway through your story? More?
  • Manuscript Assessment--I provide you with a detailed evaluation (usually 10-20 pages) of your manuscript. More?
  • Editing—A line by line analysis of the novel. More?
  • Ghostwriting—I'm happy to adapt your characters, plot or life story into a full-length book with your name on the cover. More?
  • Format manuscripts into standard submission format. More?

I love editing!

  • I love helping authors form new habits, develop new plots and invent new characters. I love hearing them say "I get it now!" and "Nobody ever showed me that way before."

How do you know if you need an editor?

  • If you've submitted your manuscript again and again and are still receiving rejections. You've decided that maybe it's not "them" after all. Perhaps your "baby" needs help.
  • If you've already been edited but feel you didn't get the feedback you needed.
  • If you've decided to self-publish and want a second opinion—unbiased eyes to double check your manuscript before sending it to press.
  • If you've chosen a vanity publisher. While most vanity publishers provide basic copy edits, few do substantial content editing.

Last Updated: 24 May 2018

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