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Hi! I'm Cindy Davis, otherwise known as the Fiction Doctor—

originally from ​Massachusetts, now residing in sunny Florida. 

Words have always been my passion. I have been a freelance editor for more than 21 years,​ 

and have loved every minute​--okay, most every minute—​of guiding my authors toward publication​. 

Whether you need ​fiction editing​ with all the bells and whistles or just proof​reading​ or formatting​, 

you might be in the right place. Take a gander around the site​.

​Q​uestions?  How to write a book. 

Just ask. 

My credentials:


  • 24 novels​ (14 mysteries, ​2 romantic suspense​, a young adult fantasy  trilogy​ and a 5-book chapter-book series​).
  • 7 non-fiction​ books​ ​
  • 170+ articles and stories in national publications
  • ​ ​Two years penning a humorous newspaper column
  • ​ ​Instructor for​ for four years
  • ​ ​Over ​700 edited novels to date. Most all have gone on to publication​. 

Much of my work as an editor focuses on mentoring, teaching novice authors of all ages, to perfect their skills. 

Things to Consider


I’m sorry to say​, no editor can guarantee a publishing contract will result from our efforts. 

The ​entire industry is so subjective​ these days​; the odds of finding an agent are astronomical. 

The ​positive thing is that these days there are more options than ever before, 

which I’ll happily discuss with you.​ Just ask.​

Personal contacts increase your chances over slush-pile percentages. 

Meet publishers, editors and agents. Find out what’s going on the industry.   I highly recommend attending workshops and conferences: learn, learn, learn. You can never learn enough. Join a  writers group. If there isn’t  one in your area, start one.​ ​​Just ask and I’ll tell you how.    Frequently, ​an author's first question is how much I charge. I understand finances are important in  this economy, but urge authors—please don't choose your editor by their price. Ask for a  sample edit. ​All reputable editors are happy to provide one. ​See  if what they say clicks with what you feel your story  needs. See if you feel a rapport with what is said in both the edits and  the side comments regarding structure and story/character development.​ You'll be more able to justify the cost if you feel you'll get something 

from the work.​ ​I am always  willing to work with authors on a payment plan​ though​. . 

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