Pricing editing

Manuscript assessment:  

I will read the manuscript and write an outline of your story’s strengths and weaknesses. I will point out problems with plot, theme, syntax, point of view, grammar, or other issues.

I will give ideas for deepening characters, or suggest new subplots, or provide thoughts on making dialogue more natural.

Pricing: $1.50 per page (standard manuscript format of 250-300 words/page)

Manuscript development:  You’ve written the beginning of your  story; you might even know the  ending, but just can’t seem to work  through the middle. I will read  your synopsis and what you've got of the story so far (up to 15,000  words) and help you develop your plot, characters and theme and/or make suggestions for possible new scenes or additional characters.

I make no structural comments or changes on what you provide. This service is only to help finish what you’ve already done.

Cost: $250 flat rate.

Editing: This service combines manuscript assessment with editing that includes comments or help with: 

•  story structure--scene sequel development, showing vs. telling, point  of view, pacing, establishing voice, and presenting exposition. 

• plot development--narrative vs. dialogue, adding subplots, finding your theme. 

• character development--internal monologue, creating and exhibiting emotion, writing realistic dialogue. 

• fine tuning--eliminating overwriting, adding detail, sensory images, writing compelling openings, punctuation and spelling. 

 I do a full read of the manuscript using both Word Tracking and Comments features looking for all the items bulleted above.  There is no limit to our association during this phase. You may contact me every day if you wish while you apply my notes to your story. When finished, you return it to me.   

THEN I do another pass of continuing with the items above, but adding: 

• formatting to standard industry requirements 

• assistance with synopsis and query letter, if desired, or, if you're planning an ebook, I will help with the blurb.  Cost for editing is determined on a case by case basis.  When  you contact me, I will ask your wishes for the manuscript. What do you  see for its future? Do you envision it on the shelves at Borders or on a  corner of your family’s coffee table? Will you seek out publication by  the ‘big guys’ or will you self-publish? This information will help us  shape your final manuscript.   I will ask for a synopsis of your story (a roughly put together one is fine), and your word count.

Prices determined on an individual basis.


Proofing  is for manuscripts that are ready for publication. It's for when you  want that final set of eyes to double check your work.

I will read every word of your manuscript and fix only spelling, typos, punctuation, and formatting.

Cost $1.50/page (standard manuscript format of 250-300 words/page) 

Formatting, for publishers I  will take your completed manuscript and put it into shape for   submission to editors and publishers, with headers and footers, chapter   breaks, correct fonts and paragraph indents. I will return to you as a Word document that you may forward or print. 

Cost $75 

Formatting for print books If  you're planning to go directly to a printer like Createspace or Amazon  paperback, I can format to the size you want, add footers, chapter  breaks, correct fonts and paragraph indents. I will return to you as a pdf document that you may forward or print.   

Cost: $75 


Ebook Formatting:  I will do all of the publisher formatting of your completed manuscript but add hyperlinks and a table of contents.

I will return to you as a Word document that you may forward or print.  

Cost: $85

pricing editing